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    Profile of Aude Bernat

Nationality:   French
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Brown/Grey
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Black
Height:   5ft. 1inch
Body Size:   Medium
Download CV:

Picture Album: Aude Bernat



Title: Show reel 1  Scene from death becomes her

Title: Showreel 2  Scene form the Devil's Advocate

Title: Showreel  Scene from Brideswar





Terry Mc Mahon acting classes 

From 28 Th April to  18 Th May 2016 / Dublin 


Film Base :Acting classes for Film and Tv Beginner and Adavanced Level: 21st May - 9th July/Tutor: Writer/Director JJ Harrington with guest tutor Thyrza Ging, Dublin city Centre, Ireland


Beginner and Advanced acting classes (July to september +October to December 2012) : Tutor Judy Francis Dublin Region, Ireland


      Film and TV Credits:


Featured role/ Missing woman , Donna burke Serie  Red rock /Tv, Episode 137, air on 19 Th October Director Conor Morrissey 

Short horror The third tenant by Stephen Gaffney / shooting to be confirmed / 2016 Role: entity/ghost


Short Phonebooth 60 Seconds/  Role:  street girl / (0:41s)Dilman Ahmed Prod.


American tv show : Ghost Adventures / Episode Special Halloween  Ireland /Role prostitute  Link : (at 11 mn )

Short movie �Home sweet home�; Role: abused wife

 Short movie �The Bridge� ,Role: Eerie florist / Pulse College

Short movie (post production ) The Death of dreams Role : Femme fatale

Producer :Nicolas Courdouan


Short Movie �The consultant�: Speaking role: French consultant, Dublin Ireland Link to The Consultant(from 4mn.08s)

Short Movie : The Fortune cookie (post production): role waitress / Pulse College Link (from 1.01s)

 Short Movie : Stephen�s interview role: receptionnist / Link to Stephen's Interview(from 1mn 32 sec)

Web Serie:

Link:The Spire :Speaking role Tourist,, 6mn16s,7mn35s,8mn40s,9mn32s,(red furry hat)

Video Music:

Rock Band The cold 100/ Role :Hippie Woman,



      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: modern jazz dance, belly dance (beginner), paddle swimming 

      Voice Credits:

      Accents: French + Accent workshop / Gaiety school 




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