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    Profile of Martin Michael Condon

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   36 to 45
Location:   Cork
Hair Colour:   Dark Brown
Hair Length:   Collar
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   6ft. 4inch
Body Size:   XL
Download CV:
16_Martin Condon CV.doc

Picture Album: Martin Condon



Title: A Slight case of sexual harassment  Original Comedy sketch

Title: Banged Up Abroad  Jail Sketch

Title: Martin Condon Showreel  Showreel

Title: Team Talk  Original Inspirational Team Talk

Title: Bertie and John Gone Golfin'  Original Comedy Sketch




Course:                      Training Institute:                  Course Director:

Clowning II                  Actors Space Vic                     Simon Edwards

Clowning                     Actors Space Vic                     Simon Edwards

Acting for Camera        Actors Space Vic                     Simon Edwards

Acting for Film             Margie Haber Studio LA            Margie Haber

Acting for Film             Emmet Scanlan                       Emmet Scanlan

Acting Intensive           TVI Studios  New York              TVI  New York

Acting for Film             FilmActorsWorkshop                Shane Munro

Acting for Camera        Gaiety School  of Acting            Stella Majewsky

Theatre and Drama       Kinsale FEC (2yrs)                   Belinda Wild

Advanced Acting          Gaiety School  of Acting            P. Donohue

Intermediate Acting      Gaiety School  of Acting            Marcus Bale


      Film and TV Credits:

Production:                          Role:                           Director:

Negative Equity                     Lead                            Rob Noonan

Musing with Will                    Lead                            Kevin Dwane

Milo                                      Tommy                        Roel & Berend Boorsma 

A Belfast Story                      Kelly                            Nathan Todd Simms

Mattie Doyle Detective            Robber                         Pat Shortt Comedy      

Nat. Lottery Commercial         Footballer                     RedRageFilms

The Tunnel                            Lead                            Brian Whelan

Hidey-Hole                            Lead                            Damian McCarthy

Park Attack                           Lead                            Martin Condon

Yellow Woods                       Antagonist                   Geff Kane

Snooze                                 Mr Snooze                  Jon Alberdi

Batman Year One                  Commis. Gordon         Wil Sliney        

What's He Building                Strange Neighbour        Amy Geary


      Theatre Credits:

Production:                             Role:                           Director:

Macbeth                                 MacDuff                      Cyclone Theatre

Ophelia                                   Hamlet                       Ian Wild

Merchant of  Venice                 Bassanio                    Cyclone Theatre

Othello                                    Brabantio                    Janus Theatre

The Government Inspector        Governor                     Belinda Wild

Haunted History Tour               Warder                        Y Coughlan

Blinded By The Light                Mr Lewis                     Ben Dillon

New Directors Fest                  Various                       Ken Hickey

Waiting For Godot                   Vladimir                      Perry O' Donovan

12 Angry Men                         Guard                          Marion Wyatt

Midsummer Night's Dream       Nick Bottom                 Belinda Wild


      Special Skills: 

Guitar player.

      Voice Credits:


Irish, American East Coast, Australian, English, Scottish.




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