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    Profile of Ian Dillon

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   46 to 55
Location:   Limerick
Hair Colour:   Brown/Grey
Hair Length:   Short
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   5ft. 11inch
Body Size:   Medium
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      Film and TV Credits:


  1. 1995 - MICHAEL COLLINS : Sun 24th Sept Bloody Sunday Recreation, Civilian, Bray, Co. Wicklow. Director : Neil Jordan. (1 Day Unpaid)                                                      
  2. 2020 - L.O.L.A : WW2 German Wermacht Officer, Celbridge, Co.Kildare. Director :  Andrew Legge. (2 Days).
  3. 2020 - FOUNDATION (Season 1) : Terminite Council, Troy Studios, Limerick. Director’s : Alexander Graves & Jennifer Phang. (6 Days).                                                                   


    4. 2021 - KIN : Friday Feb 26th, Airport  

        Passenger, Shannon Airport.     

        Director : Diarmuid Goggins. (1 Day).


   5.  2021 - HIDDEN ASSETS : (A) Wed June 

        16th Civilian,  Shannon Airport, (B) Wed  

        June 23rd Emergency Response Unit    

        Garda, Limerick City, (C) C.A.B Officer,  

        Limerick City. Director :   

        Thaddeus O’Sullivan. (2 Days).



        Thurs 1st July, Fri July 9th. Passer-By,  

        Parnell Sq., Middle-Abbey St. Dublin.   

        Director :  Lenny Abrahamson & Leanne  

        Welham. (2 Days).


     7. 2021 - COCAINE BEAR : Thurs 26th Aug,     

         Hospital Cleaner. Clermont House,   

         Rathnew, Co. Wicklow. Director : 

         Elizabeth Banks. (1 Day).


     8. 2021 - SUPERVALU ADVERT : Fri Sept    

         10th, Customer Shopping, Supervalu 

         Blackrock, Co.    

         Dublin. Director : Matthieu Chardon. (1     



      9. 2021 - THE DRY : Fri Oct 8th, Art Gallery     

         Opening Guest, The Complex Venue,  

         Smithfield, Dublin. Director : Paddy 

         Breathnach (1 Day).


    10. 2021 - FOUNDATION (SEASON 2) :   

          (A)Weapons Training, Imperial Palace      

          Guard, Tues Nov 2nd, Troy Studios,


          (B) Invictus Bridge Crew, Weapons     

          Officer, Thurs Nov 18th, Troy Studios   

          Limerick. Director : Rosann Dawson

          (C) Imperial Palace Guard (Claviger) Mon    

          22nd/ Tues 23rd Nov, Troy Studios,    

          Limerick. Director : Alexander Graves

          (D) Imperial Palace Guard (Claviger) Fri    

          26th Nov, Troy Studios, Limerick. 

          Director : David S. Goyer.

          (E) Imperial Palace Guard (Claviger) Mon   

          29th Nov, Troy Studios, Limerick. 

          Director : Alexander Graves

          (F) Imperial Palace Guard (Claviger) Thur 

          2nd Dec, Troy Studios, Limerick.

          Director : Mark Tonderai. (7 Days).


     11. 2022 - SMOTHER (SEASON 3) : Wedding    

          Guest Tue March 1st, Wed March 2nd,      

          Thur March 3rd, Fri March 4th, Mon   

          March 7th, Tues March 8th . Lahinch             

          Community Centre Lahinch, Co. Clare.   

          Moy House Lahinch,   

          St.Augistine Church Kilshanny.

          Court Public Gallery, Ennis Courthouse 

          Thurs March 17th, Friday March 18th.

          Prison Officer, Mon March 21st

          Director : Dathai Keane (9 Days).





      Theatre Credits:

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