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    Profile of Sarah Maria coffey

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Black
Hair Length:   Shoulder
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   5ft. 6inch
Body Size:   Medium
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The Gaiety School of Acting National Theatre School of Ireland )

Training completed for film/camera acting  2018-2019
...(acting for camera 1 and 2 completed with certificate )
Attending  acting for camera 3 in September 2019 

Experience:body double 
I have been a body double for Hollywood actor Paula Patton  she was a lead actor in four kids and it ..for her scenes in Ireland 

Acting . How to sell a war / how to fake a war
Directed by Rudolph herzog  yet to be released 
Role :played a Muslim young woman in hibjab worked alongside Katharine Parkson.   Jay pharaoh  in my scene s

Acting /feature .cold courage 
Yet to be released 
Directed by 
Played a undercover police woman 

Interview style advert 
I was interviewed for an post for their book 
Campaign on my favorite books was shot in Dublin streets 

Currently working on a script and acting in a short film with actors from The Gaiety. 
Wez Dunne will be direct the short film. 

      Film and TV Credits:

How to sell a war /how to fake a war 

Charter name ..hibjab hipster
Yet to be released 

Cold courage 
Charter name. .undercover police woman 1
Yet to be released 

      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: 


Trx gym training 
Army reserve  currently completing my test 
Commercial modeling  

      Voice Credits:


Dublin (soft Dublin )Irish 




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