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    Profile of Soraia de Freitas Santos

Nationality:   Brazilian
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Dark Brown
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Brown
Height:   5ft. 3inch
Body Size:   XSmall
Download CV:
956_Soraia cv.doc

Picture Album: Soraia Freitas



Title: "My Father"  Feature film "My Father, Rua Alguem 5555" starring Charlton Heston;

Title: Bystander Trailer  Bystander Trailer

Title: A Cinéfila  What happens when a film-obsessed young woman is asked by her frustrated mother to take on a few simple domestic tasks, stop eating junk food and least learn to make an omelet? How does someone who lives mostly with her head full of films respond to such an apparently simple request. Given that Psycho is a firm favorite, what will happen to the mother …

Title: Tillaman - Rumba Style  It's Tillaman's first solo effort since parting ways with his erstwhile record label, and it's indeed a refreshing one. Shot on location in Ireland, the video strays away from the video norms common on TV today. It carefully steers clear of stereotypes while still being able to thrill, entertain and create that Euphoric happy feeling for

Title: Cutey girl  Teekay tha Newborn performing | Cutey girl




Producer Training Seminar
 with Christine Vachon - Killer Films: 2013 - Adventures in Independent Cinema - Film Base Dublin
Workshop Object-FITO-Frame - International Festival of Theatre of objects Feeam/Sesi, 2010
Workshop Script, Marcio Souza � Sesc/Tesc/Sebrae and Casa do Cinema, 2007
Workshop of �udio with Clotilde Borges � Sesc/Tesc/Sebrae e Casa do Cinema, 2007
Photography direction, David Pennington- Sesc/Tesc/Sebrae e Casa do Cinema, 2007
Dire��o de arte e figurino with Oscar Ramos � Sesc/Tesc/Sebrae e Casa do Cinema, 2007
Workshop of Film and Video, Ricardo de Almeida � 5� Amazon Film Festival, 2007
Workshop Light, Camera and Action, Roberto Kahane � 5� Amazon Film Festival, 2007
Direction of Photography � Erick Rabela � Secretaria de Cultura, 2007
Script and Direction, Betse de Paula, Funda��o Vila Lobos, 2004
Interpretation for Film and Videos, Chico Diaz, 2004
Script for Film with Rosenberg Cariri, for Funda��o Vila Lobos, 2003
Workshop Film Director, Pedro Carvana, Short Festival Amazonas Brazil, 2003

Interpretation for TV and Theatre with Paulo Ramos, 2003


      Film and TV Credits:


    • Nas Asas do Condor: 2011
    • Onde Andar� Dulce Veiga, Star Filmes: 2008
    • KOH LANTA, Adventure Line Productions, with Amazon Film: 2008
    • Amazon Abyss, Amazon Film: 2005
    • La Selva de Los Famosos, Amazon Film: 2003


    • Un giorno devi andare, Aranciafilm: 2011
    • Jusqu'au bout du monde (Samba), French Connection: 2011
    • Cachoeira: 2010
    • AMAZ�NIA,  Margarida Flores e Filmes: 2010
    • COMPAL EX�TICO, Still Productions, Co-Production Amazon Film: 2007
    • Tain� II, A aventura continua: 2004
    • My Father, Rua Alguem 5555, Total Film: 2003
    • A Selva, Costa do Castelo Filmes, S.a:2002
    • Anaconda, Luppi  Produ��es: 1997


    • Game of Thrones: 2014
    • The Lobster: 2014
    • Fair City: 2014
    • Bystander: 2014
    • Ice Cream Girls, ITV, Left Bank Pictures, 2013
    • Conto de Aduaca: 2012
    • A Cinefila: 2011
    • Le Jaguar, Gaumont International, (Manaus, Brazil)  1996 

      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: 

Audiovisual Producer - Production Manager - Production Coordination 

Casting Producer - Digital Marketing - Project Management

Marketing Strategist SEO/SEM - e-Campaigns - Social Media

      Voice Credits:


Latin American




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