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    Profile of Aaron John Watson

Nationality:   Northern Irish
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Down
Hair Colour:   Dark Brown
Hair Length:   Short
Eye Colour:   Brown
Height:   5ft. 10inch
Body Size:   Medium
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Picture Album: Aaron Watson

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      Film and TV Credits:

Television Credits

Character                           Title                                   Company

Peasant                               Hitler on Trial                       Hardy Pictures/BBC 1

Guarda Officer                      Cracking Crime -  RTE          Stirling Television/RTE 1             

Featured Murderer                Cracking Crime - RTE           Stirling Television/RTE 1                 

Robber                                SCUP                                  Stirling Television/TG4                 

Father                                 Dept of Educ Advert              LyleBailey International/ITV & Ch 4         

Southern Guard                   Game of thrones                   Generator Entertainment/Sky

Nazi Sentury                       Enigma of Frank Ryan           Glass Machine Productions/TG4

Chief Guarda Officer             Enigma of Frank Ryan           Glass Machine Productions/TG4

Bouncer                              Fear                                     Stirling Television/BBC1             

Father/Partner                     Irish Family Planning              Irish Family Planning           

Drake                                 Darker Days(tv series)            One Shot Entertainment

Film Credits

Dog                                     The Chase (short)                   Media Zoo Belfast/Film Festival             

Nick                                     Laceys Leaving (short)            Banjax Studios                    

Joe                                      The Peace  (short)                  Lindle Studios                      

Tramp                                  Beneath the Tree (short)          Chris Mclenaghan                 

Thomas                                Enough  (short)                       50 kisses(christinemcgowan)

John                                    Vivienne's Garden (short)          Zystic Arts                           

Mike                                    Banana (short)                          JoJo the Dog Films    

Ex Drug Addict                     Testimoney                              UCB television


      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: 

Horse riding, climbing, football, badminton, squash, cycling, jet sking, fishing, snooker, pool, swiming most out door sports.

Full Driving License

      Voice Credits: Cool FM radio

Downtown Radio
UCB Television
UTV105 Radio

      Accents: Northern Irish, Belfast




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