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    Profile of Aldy Coelho

Nationality:   Brazilian
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Black
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Brown
Height:   5ft. 2inch
Body Size:   Small
Download CV:
577_Aldy curriculum artistico inglês.doc

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Postgraduate Sensu Latu

Artist Integrated Languages: Training and Practice

Bachelor in Social Communication

Qualification in Journalism - University of Taubate

MTB: 51.804/SP

Performing Arts - Arts School Maestro Fego Camargo - Taubat�

Basic Course (2 years) and Professional (3 years)

DRT - 22,419 / SP

Interpretation Workshop with actor Walter Verve - Hours: 16h

Promoted by the theater group Comuniart University of Taubate - June 2001

Lecture "The creative processes of the Group Theatre Vertigo" with the theater director Antonio Araujo - Hours: 4am

Promoted by SESC Taubat� - May 2001

Lecture "Medieval Theatre and Teatro Popular Brazilian" with Professor Dr. Clovis Garcia - Hours: 4am

Promoted by SESC Taubat� - May 2001

Interpretation Workshop with actor Petronius Gontijo - Hours: 8 am

Promoted by the area's culture Prefecture Taubat� - September 2000.

Meet Fernanda - Lecture by Fernanda Montenegro

In September 2000 at the Teatro Metropolitan in Taubate, directed to students of theater Taubat�.


      Film and TV Credits:

Movie "Red Carpet" by Luiz Alberto Pereira and Matheus Nachtergaele Gorete Miracles

Recorded in the Para�ba Valley in 2005. Acting as extra.


      Theatre Credits:

Theatre Group Mahamudra:

Tape Incarnate, of Conception Molinaro (Regional Comedy 2013)

 Cia Balakko Bacco:

Carnival ... The next day, Jefferson Machado (Comedy 2011)

 Theatre Group Blasf�meas:

Cinderella adaptation of Wladimir Pereira (Child 2011)

 Art & Cia Cia Ellipse Facts and Theatre:

Me, myself and Flavius, Silvio Kanda (Comedy 2010/2011) - Part-winning Featured Actress in Cultural Map, municipal stage 2011; Breakthrough Actress Festival Varginha 2011; Steering Group and Professional Excellence 2011; Participation in Festival Teatro de Curitiba (Fringe) in March 2012.

 Cia Sun:

Pill Speaker (Child 2009/2010).

 Comuniart Group - University of Taubate

Starting Point of Gianfrancesco Guarnieri (Drama 2004/2005).

Widow, but honestly, Nelson Rodrigues (Humbug 2005).

Duty of Laughter - Project theater staged in hospitals (Children 2004/2005).

What is Meg, Vivian Desiderio (Comedy 2003/2004).

 Group Encenart

Waltz No. 6 by Nelson Rodrigues (Drama 2002/2003).

 Bones d'craft group

Essay Modernist adaptation of Everyday Moral of M�rio de Andrade (Drama 2002).

 Group Alda Garrido - School Fego Camargo

Plays: Lysistrata by Aristophanes (Comedy 1999) / Morning Comadre Paulo Afonso Lima (Child 2000) / The Treasure of the Emilia Conception Molinaro (infant 2000) / Freedom, Freedom of Mill�r Flavio Fernandes and Rangel (Request Policy 2001).

 Theatrical Group Site Woody Woodpecker Yellow

Parts Kids: Reforms of Nature / O Saci / A Pill Talking / The Flight of Emilia / Felix The Cat / The Curupira / The Other Side of the Story (The Cicada and the Ant) / Beliefs of Aunt Nastasya / Christmas Achievements / Stories of Aunt Nastasya / A Site class against the Enemies of Boca.

 Group Arts and Manhas - School Fego Camargo

Parts: Blessed is the fruit of turkeys between Sergio Terra Santa (Comedy 1997) and The incredible story of seven young ladies and Colonel who weighed 200 pounds (Comedy 1998) / Confusion in the West (2000)


      Special Skills: presenter, actress, journalist, sing and dance.

      Voice Credits:





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