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    Profile of Cara Lenihan

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Meath
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Blue
Height:   5ft. 6inch
Body Size:   XSmall
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Title: Showreel Cara Lenihan  


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      Training: MA Screen Acting Drama Centre London 2 Years                                    

      Film and TV Credits:             

      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: 

1: Meisner Technique
2: Radio Drama
3: Strasberg Technique
4: Voice Over
5. Laban
6. BSc. Hons Psychology
7. Archery
8. Yoga
9. Palm Reading
10. Athletics 
11. Kickboxing

      Voice Credits:


1: American-Standard
2: Belfast
3: Cockney
4: Donegal
5: Dublin
6: English-Standard
7: Essex
8: Galway
9: Heightened RP
10: Irish RP
11: Irish-Aran
12: Irish-Northern
13: Irish-Southern
14: Liverpool
15: London
16: Londonderry
17: Nordic
18: RP
19: Russian
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