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    Profile of Robbie Miller

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   16 to 24
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Hair Length:   Short
Eye Colour:   Blue
Height:   5ft. 10inch
Body Size:   Medium
Download CV:
1102_Robert Miller Acting CV.doc

Picture Album: Robbie Miller



Title: Where We Last Spoke  Robbie loses his girlfriend to suicide but can't accept the fact shes gone, Brendan trys to be a good brother and show that as hard as it is life goes on.

Title: Annonymous  A young man tries hard to get away from been an alcoholic

Title: The Script  A young homeless man with no morales finds a body and steals a satchel where he finds a script that could change his life

Title: Stones Music video  Stones is a music video that a friend of mine Luke did in order to make people aware of suicide prevention

Title: The Notebook Monologue  

Title: Batman The Dark Knight Monologue  




  • Gaiety School of Acting Dublin : Beginner Introduction to drama 5 week course
  • Dublin School of Acting. Parnell Square : "Get into Acting" With Gillian Reynolds
  • The Lab, Foley Street : 4 Week Intensive Course with Terry McMahon

      Film and TV Credits:

  • IT Dundalk "The Script" : Speaking role "Eric"
  • Luke Clerkin "Stones" Music video : Lead male in the story of the video.
  • Fair City : Special Extra
  • Youtube Creative nation : Irish people watch Cheapskates
  • Star wars Family Values : Rebel 1 Speaking role
  • DCU Short Film : Man at bus stop 2 speaking role
  • Where We Last Spoke : Short Film IT Tallaght Second Lead Speaking role of Brendan
  • Youtube Creative nation : Irish People watch Trailer park boys
  • 3 Ireland Mothers Day Advert : Speaking role to Camera
  • Youtube Creative Nation : Irish people try American BBQ
  • Irish people Taste test American Christmas Cookies Youtube short : Supporting speaking role
  • Irish People watch Toddlers and Tiaras Youtube short : Supporting speaking role
  • Irish People watch Billy Mays Youtube production : Supporting speaking role

      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: 

Intermediate Swimmer

      Voice Credits: n/a


Irish neutral Dublin various counties in Ireland and northern Ireland, Various English accents




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