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    Profile of Tony Pacino

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   36 to 45
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Dark Brown
Hair Length:   Short
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   5ft. 11inch
Body Size:   Medium
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Picture Album: Tony Pacino



Title: tony pacino  Brennan's Bread commercial 2007

Title: tony pacino  showreel

Title: My Happiness  My Happiness playing my self




      Film and TV Credits:



2012 naked Lies music video Directed by tony Pacino

2012 one in a million music video Directed by myself 

2010 A night in Charleville Castle      Dir tony pacino

2010: The Silence Cast as myself   Directed by Derbhla Walsh  

2009: The Looking Glass Cast as “Flickknife” (Dir. Colm Downey)

2007: ‘Cinderella’ Cast as ‘Professor’

2007: ‘Buy, Borrow and Steal’ Cast as a ‘Waiter’

2006: ‘Becoming Jane’ Cast as ‘Player’.

2005: ‘Whatever Love Means’ Cast as Royal Body Guard. (Dir: David Blair).

2004: ‘Omagh’ cast as the  Bomb maker. (Dir: Pete Travis).

2004:’Dream Diary’ Male Lead. (dir: Colm Downey).

2003: ‘The Boys From County Clare’ cast as a Police Officer. (Dir: John Irvin).

2003: ‘Prince William’cast as a Papparazzi. (Dir: Joel Schumacher).

2003: ‘Goldfish Memories’ cast as a Doorman. (Dir: Liz Gill).

2003: ‘Trouble Shooters’ cast as an Air Force Commander. (Dir: Stephen Salavatti O’Neill).

2003: ‘King Arthur’ cast as a Saxon Knight with Stunts. (Evergreen Productions).

2003: ‘Timbuktu’ cast as a Dungeon Master. (Dir: Alan Gilsenan).

2002: ‘Ella Enchanted’ cast as a Black Knight with Stunts. (Disney).

2000: ‘Mystics’ cast as a Miami Gangster. (Dir: David Blair).

1999: ‘Sorry State of Living’ cast as Dan. (Dir: Christopher F Welch). IMDB.


2010 my Happiness Cast as myself Directed Glenn Gannon

2009:  A Meeting of Souls – First Assistant Director

2007: ‘Death is Red’ Cast as ‘Det. Byrne’ ( Dir: Gerry Wade)

2010: ‘Trapped Air’ - Written, Directed and Produced By Tony Browne.

2005: ‘Brawler’ - Stunt co-ordinator. Project Norma.

2005: ‘The First Goodbye’-Written, Produced & Directed by Tony Browne.

2005: ‘Inside’ Character- ‘Boss’ (Dir: Brian Philip Davis).

2005: ‘The Heart Of The Matter’. Character- ‘Detective Byrne’ (Dir: Gerry Wade Prod: Tony Browne)

2004: ‘The Restaurant’ Character-”Vittore”. (Dir: Alan Jacobs).

2004: ‘Papercuts and Lemon Juice’ Lead Character-”Tony O’Keefe”. (Dir: Shane Higgins).

2004: ‘A Race To Midnight’ Stunt Co-ordinator. (Dir: Stevie Lee).

2004: ‘Love Sick’ Stunt Co-ordinator. (Dir: Olivia Fitzsimmons)

2002: ‘The Honourable Scaffolder’ Character- “#1 Guard”. (Dir: Brendan Muldowney)



2008: ‘Cinderlla’ Cast as Prof. O’Keefe (BBC)

2007: ‘The Tudors’ Stonemason

2006: ‘The Tudors’ Body Double for Sam Neil. RTE

2006: ‘Murphy’s Law’ Body Double BBC.

2006: ‘Fair City’ Taxi Driver. RTE

2005: ‘Cracking Crime’ Character- “Det: Joe Byrne”. (Stirling Productions).

2004: ‘Prime Time’ Character- “Head Of Banking Commission”. (R.T.E)

2004: ‘Frasier’  Character-”Doctor”.  Paramount Studios Los Angeles.  (Dir: Jeff Greenberg).

2004: ‘Cracking Crime’ Character- “Fr Columba” age 70. (Sterling Productions).

2004: ‘Crime Time’ Reconstruction “Armed Robber”. (Eclipse Television).

2004: ‘Podge and Rodge’ Character- “Evil Landlord - Mr Vanhelvin”  (Double Z Productions).

2003: ‘The Clinic’ Character- “Mr Donovan”. (Dir: Liam Cunningham).

2003: ‘Proof’ Character- “Barman”. (Dir: Ciaran Donnelly).




2009: ‘Return to Mulach Mor’ Cast as Royal Protection Officer (BBC)

2006: ‘Murder’ Character - Harbour Master. Sterling Productions.

2006: ‘Wee Three Cranes’ Character- Bobby Dillon. Sterling Productions. BBC1 NI.

2006: ‘The Man Who Blew Up Nelsons Pillar’ Presenter - Tony Pacino. (Prod:&Dir: Tony Browne)


      Theatre Credits: yes

      Special Skills: Stunt Actor

      Voice Credits: yes

      Accents: Irish  American




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