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You must have training as an actor to join the Agency.
There is no registration fee to join 

By completing the application form below, you are applying to Backstage Casting 
in order to be considered for registration. Your application form will be logged electronically to await approval. 

You agree that when you create a profile, Backstage Casting will publish your information, photos, videos and 
audio. Backstage Casting will be the sole judge of any breach of conditions. Any breach of these conditions 
can result in your membership being terminated and a permanent ban from the site. For the avoidance of doubt,  
it is our policy not to post your personal contact information (such as email address, home address or telephone 
numbers) on the Website under any circumstances. If you are uploading a CV or Video please make sure it does 
not contain personal contact details as all contact details will be removed. Members can not be contacted directly. 
Booking can only be made through the agency

When filling out the registration form please make sure you have:

A good photograph of yourself. 

It is possible to upload up to 12 photos, any amount of video showreels and any amount of MP3 Voice Tracks.
Profiles with no photograph or information are of no use to Casting Directors 
and will be removed without notice

Guidance on your photos:

  • Your photo should only be of you (not a group of people)
  • It should be recent, (taken within the last month or two)
  • You should be close up in the photo, not a dot in the distance!
  • It doesn't have to be professionally taken, just clear with a good likeness of you.
  • It should not be bigger in size than 5Mb
  • It can only be a JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG file.
  • Optimum size is 300pixels wide x 400pixels height for profile picture 
    and max 500 pixels wide for an album photo.

Personal Details - Fields with * required

Length should be greater than eight characters
Appearance - Fields with * required
Contact Details - Fields with * required
No contact details will be published on your profile page.
Training and Experience

Terms and Conditions.
I understand that Backstage Casting can put me forward for work that I am suitable for. 
When Backstage Casting provides me with work, I understand that Backstage Casting will be paid for work
and will forward payment to myself directly deducting 20% agency fees. I agree that Backstage Casting
will sign release forms on my behalf.
I agree to follow instructions and direction on each assignment and 
am committed to working to a high standard so as to maintain the reputation of Backstage Casting.

By adding my details to the Backstage Casting database I agree to the terms and conditions as stated by the 
Agency for the duration of time that I appear on the Agency database.  Backstage Casting reserves the right 
to make changes at any time, and up to date terms and conditions can be viewed on the following  pages:
Terms and Conditions 

Thank you


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