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    Profile of Thomas Anthony Kirwan

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   36 to 45
Location:   Carlow
Hair Colour:   No Preference
Hair Length:   Collar
Eye Colour:   Blue
Height:   6ft. 1inch
Body Size:   Large
Download CV:
520_Slimmed down C.V..doc

Picture Album: Anthony Kirwan



Title: Monologue April 2013  Twisted dark character based on Presley "The Pitchfork Disney"

Title: Extraction  Short Film Gangster

Title: The Jailbird  1920'S Slapstick short silent film

Title: Sleep/Paralysis  Short Horror

Title: Grim Reaper & Nosferatu  Political Sattire, I wrote and directed, I play the Reaper

Title: The Frenchman  Student film




"Gaiety school of acting".

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      Film and TV Credits:

Actor                "Extraction" short film  Director Arthur Szalowski

Actor                "Sleep Paralysis" short  Director Kyle Morgan

Actor                "Garincha" Short film     Director Arthur Deeny

Actor/Producer  "The Jailbird" Short film Director Hughie Glynn 


      Theatre Credits:

A midsummer nights dream Pyramus director Janice de broithe


      Special Skills: 

Firefighter. World champion extrication 2012.

Football Juggling


Fly fishing

Rescue Medic

      Voice Credits:





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