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    Profile of Dave Kelly

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Dark Brown
Hair Length:   Cropped
Eye Colour:   Hazel
Height:   5ft. 11inch
Body Size:   Small
Download CV:
1345_Backstage casting CV.docx

Picture Album: Dave Kelly



Title: Dave Kelly Showreel 2018  Please note my showreel does contain profanity***

Title: Dave Kelly Singing  Here's a little sample of my singing, don't ask me what my range is because I'm clueless haha. Thanks for watching



      Training: Intro to Acting- London actors centre 

Anna Scher- Weekly Improv Classes 


      Film and TV Credits:


2018           Supporting   (Short Film)The End                           Conor Tobin

2018           Lead           ( Theatre) Presents                             Luke Corcoran

2018           Supporting   (Feature) Polaroid                                Jason Figgis

2018           Lead            (Short) Summer                                       John Ryan

2017           Lead           ( Corporate)                                  Bold Puppy Films

2017           Supporting   ( Web Series) Personal              Dean Mullen Films

2017           Lead           ( Commercial)BeYoga                       Collider Films

2017           Lead           ( Viral) Gym Nuts                       Windup Merchantz

2017           Lead           (Commercial) Camille Thai               Flourish Films

2017           Supporting            (Viral) Waffler                 Windup Merchantz

2017           Lead           ( Commercial) Off Beat Donuts         Flourish Films

2016           Lead                     ( Commercial) Skirmish           Flourish Films

2016           Supporting            (Viral) Luas Drivers        Windup Merchantz

2016           Supporting           (Feature Film)Extinction          Infinite Earths

2016           Lead Male             Music Video                  Kerbute productions

2016           Lead Male           (Short) Suspect                         Fred Sculthorp

2016          Lead Male             Music Video Trilogy       Kerbute productions

2014          Lead Male            (Short) Curtains                          Nathan Evans

2014         Supporting             (Short) Undo                                   Fred Fabre

2013         Supporting              Corporate                       Ugly Duckling Films

2013         Lead Male   (Feature) Headlock Security                 Dogsky Films

2013         Lead Male              Voice over                                   NoFI Games

2012        Lead Male               (Short) Banquet                           Link Up TV

2012        Lead Male               (Short) Surveillance                   Alec O'Brien

2007        Lead Male                 Corporate                                         AStudio

2007       Supporting        (Com)Think Contraception          Red Rage Films

2006       Lead Male              (Com) Kit Kat                                WLS Films




      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: Muay Thai/Boxing, BASSC Rapier and Dagger/Stage Combat Trained, Driving, Ice Skating/Roller Blading, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Horse Riding, Singing 

      Voice Credits:

      Accents: Dublin (Native) Cork, Irish (General) Liverpool, London, English (northern), English (general), English RP ,Northern Irish (general), American (general), New York, Texas, Eastern European,  South African, Australian, Scottish (General)




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