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    Profile of Jee Hewson

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   16 to 24
Location:   Limerick
Hair Colour:   Red
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Blue
Height:   5ft. 5inch
Body Size:   Small
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Erste Musik Oberstufe und Theater in Basel, Switzerland


      Film and TV Credits:

      Theatre Credits:

Mit Dem Ballon Um Die Welt (2000), Die Horrorweihnacht (2000), Sonny Der Detektiv (2001), Das Blaue Zauber-Ei (2001)


      Special Skills: 

Equestrian, dressage, horseback riding, skilled with M1/ Thompson submachine gun and various other WWII weaponry, ballroom dancing, does own stunts if allowed.

      Voice Credits:

Griff FM - Griffith College Dublin


Fluent in English, Swiss, German, Dutch, basic French and can do various accents in all languages listed above.




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