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    Profile of Michael Joseph Smyth

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   46 to 55
Location:   Down
Hair Colour:   Red
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Blue
Height:   5ft. 10inch
Body Size:   Large
Download CV:
947_Michael Smyth CV.docx

Picture Album: Michael Smyth



Title: The Invitation  The Invitation" tells of the uneasily humorous account of a notorious predator, who menacingly preys upon the vulnerable, using a dinner invite as their lure.

Title: Ballerina  Finding the Dream Home, can sometimes be Murder

Title: Hoplophobia  Gangster Johnny 'The Suit' has revenge on his mind after his brother is killed by a rival. He hires notorious hitman Mike 'The Strangler' Watson to do the hit. Unfortunately for Mike he must overcome his greatest fear to get the job done. He has 24 hours to kill or be killed...

Title: Guy and Dolls  You just never know what you will meet on a blind date




Rosie Pelan Actors Studio - Verbal Arts


      Film and TV Credits:

The Invitation                         Caleb Black                    Dir. Rebecca Curren-Hughes

Ballerina                                Father/Estate Agent        Dir. Emmet McMullan
Talent Agents (TV pilot)          Troy Shaprio                   Dir. Bill Taylor/CraicAddict FIlms
Hoplophobia                           Robbie 'The Hatchet'        Dir. Bill Taylor/CraicAddict Films/Stay Beautiful
Whole Lotta Sole (Stand Off)   Chopper                         Dir. Terry George/Generator Entertainment
As The Earth Turned               Duffy                             Dir. Bill Taylor/CraicAddict Films
Kingdom                                Joe                                Dir. Bill Taylor/CraicAddict Films
BBC Spotlight                        Joe McCloskey               BBC(NI) Current Affairs
Facing The Truth                    Dermot Hackett              BBC(NI)
GoT Series I, III & IV             Featured Stark/various     HBO

      Theatre Credits:

      Special Skills: Weight-training, Ju-Jitsu, Gaelic Games, Motorcycle riding, Bartender, Bricklayer, Archery, Computers, Body piercings

      Voice Credits:


Northern Irish




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