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    Profile of Shaun Holmes

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   25 to 35
Location:   Donegal
Hair Colour:   Dark Brown
Hair Length:   Collar
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   5ft. 8inch
Body Size:   Medium
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I have no professional training. Only Stage Experience.


      Film and TV Credits:

      Theatre Credits:

As a child I was involved in school plays and always dreamed of being an actor when I "grew up".

Jan 2011
I played the character of the villain, "Big Bad Businessman Bill Bogey"
in "Little Red Riding Hood" Pantomime -, Moville, Co.Donegal.
 3 Months Rehearsal - 9 Performances.

April 2011
Dancer in "The League Of Extraordinary Dancers", a stage production in which I took part in 5 diverse, synchronized group dances, with 'Studio 47',
Millennium Forum, Derry, Co.Derry -.
 3 months Rehearsal - 2 Performances.

Jan 2012
I played the character of the villain "Flesh-Creep",
in "Jack and The Beanstalk" Pantomime - , Moville, Co.Donegal.
 3 Months Rehearsal- 11 Performances.

Following the feedback I received after each of these performances I decided to pursue a professional career in the Acting industry.

I have just been asked to take part in The Play " The Shadow Of a Gunman".

Video footage is available for each of the above Performances upon request.


      Special Skills: 

I can play a variety of roles from serious to comedic / animated.
When I take on to play a character, I become the character.
I'm a very experienced and highly competent Driver, with a full clean license.
I'm very active and have a good sense of balance, and great co-ordination.
I take pride in my appearance, although I have grown my hair of late and sometimes sport a beard.
I have military and weapons training through the F.C.A, I have shot Army competitions.

I also DJ, I enjoy Music Production, Boxing, Reading, Modelling, Playing Golf, Hiking, Surfing and Body-boarding, Kayaking,Fishing, Skydiving, football etc..
I write script and lyrics also.

I act as Promoter for a band "The Spring Tides" and enjoy organizing musical events.

I'm a voluntary Youth Leader in a Teenage, Cross Border relations project between Derry and Donegal.

(I find it strange writing about myself and tend to waffle too much, sorry for the essay :)

      Voice Credits:

I can project my voice very well, when required.


I like to play with accents, I can do various Donegal Accents (multiple dialects, local types), Northern Irish (multiple dialects), Southern/Western Irish (various), Dublin (various), Scottish, Welsh, English (Various), French, American (Various), Indian-English, East European-English.




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