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    Profile of Alan Riordan

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   36 to 45
Location:   Cork
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Hair Length:   Short
Eye Colour:   Blue
Height:   6ft. 1inch
Body Size:   Medium
Download CV:
105_Alan Riordan CV Backstage..doc

Picture Album: Alan Riordan



Title: Alan Riordan  Show Reel




Course                               Location                              Tutor
Acting for Screen     Irish Film Actors Workshop   Shane Munro

Full-time Theatre Performance  Kinsale College    Belinda /Ian Wild

Acting / Improvisation    Triskel Arts Centre        Judy Chalmers


      Film and TV Credits:

PRODUCTION                         ROLE                           COMPANY

Fair City                           Graham Cox                  RTE

Credit Crunch                    Richard                         Breaking Tide

Ealu 3                              British Soldier                Magamedia

Cult of the Moustache        Steve                            Brian Finucane

Easily Lost                      Jeremy Windthistle        AClique Productions

Men’s Dream                   Eugene                        St John’s College


      Theatre Credits:

PRODUCTION                         ROLE                                 COMPANY

Picture of Dorian Gray       Erskine/Hubbard/Campbell  Cal Duggan

Mrs Bob Cratchit’s Xmas Binge  Bob Cratchit             Flying Pigs

Lipstick                         Simmons/Emilio            Roundhouse Theatre

Waiting for Godot         Estrogen                    Abbeystrewey Theatre

Victims of Jack The Ripper   Richard Stranford           Luvius Theatre

Haunted History Gaol Tour     Warden/Electrician         RSVP


      Special Skills: 

Full Drivers License
Horseriding (Trot and Canter)
Scuba Diver level 1
Can competently play Tennis, Soccer, Badminton, Basketball.
I can play the drums also.

      Voice Credits:





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