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    Profile of Michael Parle

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   46 to 55
Location:   Wexford
Hair Colour:   Brown/Grey
Hair Length:   Short
Eye Colour:   Hazel
Height:   5ft. 10inch
Body Size:   Medium
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Picture Album: Michael Parle



Title: VoD Reel  




1989/91   Speech Movement & Drama 
            Morley College, Westminster Bridge Rd London S.E.1

1990/92  The Bad Group
            London Bubble Theatre Co. Elephant Lane Rotherhithe
            London S.E.16

      Film and TV Credits:

2019 Apocalypse Highway (FF)   Dynamo Man      Ciaron Davies   Loose Grip Films 
2019 Vengeance At Yellow Creek (FF)  Preacher      Ciaron Davies   loose Grip Films 

2018 The Green Sea (FF) The Collector                  Randal Plunkett  Dusany Productions 

2015 Taryn Barker Demon Hunter (FF) Falstaff               Zoe Kavangh         Constant Motion Pictures ( Best Actor' Fright Night Film Festival 2016 Demon Hunter)

2015  Night People (FF)             Mike                     Gerard Lough                         Rouge Frame Films

2015 The Second Coming (FF)   Synge                     Richard Wolstencroft            Ontological Pictures

2014 Revenge Of Shinobi (FF)   Shinigami               Gary Kenneally                     Kennelly Films

2014  The Shadows (FF)            Yorrick                   Colin Downey                       Emu Prods,/IFB

2013 Man In My Bedroom (SF)                    Man     Colin Downey                       Caliban Films

2013 Ninety Seconds (SF)          Philips                    Gerard Lough                        Arcadia Video

2012 Tin Can Man (FF)             Dave                       Ivan Kavanagh                     Park Films

(, Winner Best of 2012  Best Actor Michael Parle Tin Can Man )

2012 The Looking Glass (FF)    Private Clay            Colin Downey                      Emu Prods/IFB


      Theatre Credits:

2012   The Magic Flute (Mozart)      Papageno          Heather Hadrill         Wexford Arts Center

2010  Fiddler On The Roof               Tevye                James Gray               Green acres Wexford

2003  The last of the Last of the Mohicans   Seamus  Patrick Dunne          Brown H Productions


      Special Skills: 

Baritone            Grade 5

      Voice Credits:


well spoken English accent




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