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    Profile of Nicole O'Connor

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   16 to 24
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   5ft. 5inch
Body Size:   Small
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      Film and TV Credits:

Production               Type                         Company                                        Role                                Director

Close Encounters

with Keith Barry  -  Tv Series      -       RTE                                 -            Extra                -          Simon Gibney      

ROY                       -   Tv Series     -       Rule of Thumb Productions  -  Extra                -         Alan Shannon

2 Hearts                -    Short Film  -       Calipo Pictures              -            Extra                -          Darren Thornton

Control Yourself  -   Tv Series     -       NEAR Tv                       -             Presenter/Actress -  David Knox


      Theatre Credits:                    

      Special Skills: 

      Voice Credits:


Irish (North Dublin, South Dublin, Donegal, General) American (General, Southern, New York, Chicago), English (London refined, Cockney, Manchester), Spanish, Russian, Eastern European




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