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    Profile of Shelley Richardson

Nationality:   N.Irish
Playing Age:   46 to 55
Location:   Armagh
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Hair Length:   Long
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   5ft. 9inch
Body Size:   Small
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I have trained at the Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, in courses such as Page To Stage, Advanced Page To Stage and Acting For Camera. I have also trained in The Crescent Arts Centre in courses such as : Shakespeare's Soliloquay,The Monologue preparation, twelve weeks of Drama and also preparation for audition reading. Recently I attended a seminar in Galway on auditions, hosted by Maureen Hughes (casting director) and the director of " Love Hate," David McCaffrey. I recently studied in Rosie Pelan's Open University course of "Playing Shakespeare," which spring boarded me to be cast as Luciana in Barney Gadd's production of "Comedy Of Error's." I also attended "The Monologues for Audition and Performance," workshop with Rosie Pelan at the Crescent Arts Centre and on and on another occasion Accent training. Last week I went to a workshop with Rosie for Playwrights, Scripts and Style: a guide for the actor.  


      Film and TV Credits:

FILM : "Breakfast On Pluto," (Directed by Neil Jordan) I play a woman in a bomb blast scene and a dance hall scene with the stellar Cillian Murphy.

FILM: " The Secret Life Of Words,"(Directed by Isabelle Coixset) I was a traveller on a bus and I did some doubling for the main character Sarah Polley.

FILM: "Kings," I play the role of a flirty girl in a bar and a customer in a bakery.

FILM: "Mo Mowlam," I played the role of a politician and a secretary with the legend Julie Walters.


Channel 5/ Sky : "Sons Of Anarchy,"FX Productions. I doubled for Katy Segal in the guns scene on the Antrim coast and I also had a role as Kate, when she decides to buy a baby in Ireland with her husband but its snatched by the character Jaks.

TV:BBC Fairy Tales Trilogy (appeared in two of them.) Rapunzel: I played a spectator at a tennis match and Billy Goats Gruff: I also played a dancer in a working man's club.

TV: BBC "Hidden," I was part of the press pack at the shooting of the Prime Minister with Philip Glenister, David Suchet and Patrick Fitzsymons.

TV:BBC "The Fall.," I'm in the trailer for the psychological thriller series with Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan and Bronagh Waugh.

TV:BBC & RTE "Jason Byrne Hates..." comedy show. I play the role of a play girl who is part of a human glockenspiel along side Bronagh Waugh.                                         

T.V. BBC "Spotlight," a reinactment of neighbour hood wars. I'm a vicious, aggressive character who has a fight with her neighbour over something that gets blown out of all proportions. 


 "Mnemephobia," I played the role of an abused housewife by her menacing husband Larry Cowan.    also : "Three seconds...Me arse!" with Deviate films. It's a black comedy about a quirky housewife, who develops a strange relationship with her pet goldfish and accidentally electrocutes her husband Hugh Yeaman.

 My first commercial was for (2006) LIDL, then another commercial for the (2011) Irish Tourist Board and also the (2009) Ulster Folk Park and Transport Museum.
I did a corporate video with Una Carroll for Castle Leslie in Monaghan where we acted as members of Castle Leslie's club.


      Theatre Credits:

At the Gaiety School of Acting I performed Debbie Isitt's "The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband,"I play a repressed house wife who takes revenge on her husband after discovering his infidelity.

I also played the role of Rosie in Henrik Ibsen's: "A Dolls House," who shares a sinister secret with her other sister's.

At Bart Players I played the role of Luciana in Shakespeare's " Comedy of Error's."

I played the role of Catherine in Joseph O'Connor's "  Red Roses And Petrol," at The Market Place Theatre, Armagh.


      Special Skills: Contemporary dance , accents ,  swimming , yoga , spinning , pilates and modelling (I trained with Patricia Mencarelli) worked for Bella Freud for fittings and Elle magazine shoot, also runway shows for Brian Massey.

      Voice Credits:
My voice was used on a single by Antonina Tramonti at East West Records.It was also used for background noise (using a cockney accent) in the feature film "Kings."

      Accents: Irish ( North and Southern accent depending on dialect) , Scottish , Liverpudlian , Yorkshire , English (RP and Cockney accent) and Eastern European and American.




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