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    Profile of Steve Kendall

Nationality:   Irish
Playing Age:   16 to 24
Location:   Dublin
Hair Colour:   Blonde
Hair Length:   Short
Eye Colour:   Green
Height:   5ft. 10inch
Body Size:   Medium
Download CV:
659_Steve Kendall Acting CV.docx

Picture Album: Steve Kendall



Title: Steve Kendall Monolgue  Monologue

Title: Steve Kendall Showreel  

Steve Kendall Showrel (Backstagecasting) from steve kendall on Vimeo.

Title: Monologue (comedy)  

Title: showreel scene  

steve kendall showreel scene from steve kendall on Vimeo.



      Training: Recently graduated from Bow Street Academy. Also have done minor acting courses in the past 10 years with names such as Graham Cantwell, Gerry Grennell, Ali Coffey, Margie Haber                                   

      Film and TV Credits:

Film and TV

2019       Lilly (Feature)

2018       Crimecall 

2017       Dublin Bus Toursim Video

2016       Fingal Tourism Video ( A breath of fresh air)

2016       Music video for winner of voice of Ireland

2017       Only way is essex(walk in role)                                  

2017       Uncovering The Date Rape Killer 

2017       Crimecall                                     

2016       McDonalds (Online Only)                    

2013       Dink & Dodge (short)                     

2013       Biting Point (lead) (short)                  

2013       Telepathy (Game/ apps ad) 

2013       Silence in the Library (short)            

2012       Isolation (short)                            

2012       Trick or Treat (Lead) (short)            

2012       Amy (Lead) (short)                      

2012       The Heist (Lead) (short)                                    

2012       Horror School Reunion (short)          


      Theatre Credits:


Date                             Production                              Part                     Director

2010                             Sweet                            Drunk man       Paul Walsh

2009                             The Wedding Singer                  Waiter              Paul Walsh

2009                             High School Musical                 Jason               Alan Corcoran

2008                             The 12 angry men                      6th Juror           Ciara Spellman

2006                             Teachers                                   Teacher                        Carmel Wallace


      Special Skills: 

Art / Accents (Irish-Wexford, Belfast, Cork, English-Cockney, Standard American) / Rugby / Archery / Dancing/ Swimming/ Horse Riding/ Full Driving Licence.

      Voice Credits:

      Accents: American standard/southern, english rp and standard, Belfast, Wexford, Cork




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